The Best Places in Perth to Host an Outdoor Event

The Best Places in Perth to Host an Outdoor Event

Summer is approaching us and that means that there is going to be plenty of parties and events that we can go to. With the weather improving, the last thing that you will want to do is try to fit dozens of people within your home, as you will simply melt under the heat. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t host events altogether and instead, you should consider hosting events in outdoor venues. If you live in Perth, you will know that it is a busy city, so you probably don’t know where the best places to host an outdoor event are.

It may surprise you to know that Peth has a lot of beautiful outdoor venues that can fit just about any occasion. We have gone through hundreds of possible locations and picked out some of the best, so you can consider them for your next outdoor event. Here are the best places in Perth to host an Outdoor Event.

The Sherry

If you want to host an outdoor event that still has access to a bar with plenty of alcohol, then we recommend that you visit The Sherry. This rooftop bar is located in the heart of Perth and can hold up to 200 guests, which makes it the perfect destination for any smaller events that you may be hosting. What makes this venue stand out from all of the others is the beautiful view you get of the city of Perth.

The rooftop is also beautifully decorated with arrangements of flowers and delicate lighting, which means it can be transformed to fit essentially any event that you may need it to fit. This venue is on the pricier side, but it is worth every penny for the experience that it offers.

The Mandoon

This is one of Perth’s most popular outdoor venues and there is no wonder why. With acres of beautiful gardens, The Mandoon is an example of some of the best landscaping Perth has to offer and if you are someone that is fond of taking an aesthetic snap, then you have to bring a camera with you.

Along with the gardens you will have access to the main estate, which comes with some of the best-trained chefs in Perth. A signature of The Mandoon is taking the cooking outside to one of its many outdoor tents, where the chef will prepare a delicious spit roast. This location is so big that you can get lost in it, which makes it the perfect location for large events such as weddings and big parties. Due to the sheer size and elegance of the grounds, renting the location will set you back a bit, but it will be worth every single penny that you spend.

The Terrace

If you want an outdoor location that looks out into the sea, then you have to try out The Terrace. The Terrace is an outdoor location that has access to an extensive indoor bar. If you are someone that is looking to celebrate with a lot of friends, then you will be glad to know that this venue can host up to five hundred people, which means that you don’t have to worry about not being able to fit all of your friends and family in. This location really comes to life at night, thanks to excellent lighting choices and the view of the sun setting over the sea. This is one of the cheaper places on the list and so if you are on a budget, I would recommend that you have a look at this location.

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