Why Travelling in an RV will Change Your Life

Why Travelling in an RV will Change Your Life

If you are someone that has access to social media, you have probably encountered them. RV livers are becoming more and more popular. If you don’t have social media or genuinely just have never heard of them, then this term may seem confusing.

RV livers are people that have abandoned their old lives and sold their homes, in favor of traveling the country in an RV. Though there is a stereotype of young people heading off in their vans and living on the road, just about anyone can do it. If you look online, even whole families are deciding to leave their worlds behind and hit the road, so just about anyone can do it.

The last year has left a lot of us in a rut, all while questioning what the real purpose of life is, after a year of such loss. Last year also taught us all that we only really get one go at life, so it seems silly to spend the time restrained to one home and not travel.

If you have been feeling this rut, you also may be feeling an urge to get up and go. Traveling via plane throughout the world can be expensive and even if you have the passion, you can’t manifest the money that you don’t have. When you decide to live the life of an RV traveler, you cut out the costs of rent and other bills, so you can spend all your money on seeing the world.

Here is why traveling in an RV will change your life.

You Get To Travel

If you think about it, how frequently do you go on holiday now? Once, maybe twice a year if you are lucky. This is because holidays are expensive and life comes with a lot of other bills that you have to prioritize before you decide to jet off.

It feels as though you spend the majority of the time working so that you can avoid these great adventures, but the money never seems to go towards these adventures.

Instead of saving up and traveling a couple of times a week, you can travel every day. When it comes to RV living, the only time that you have to stop is when you are sleeping and the rest of the time can be spent traveling the world. As long as you are able to cross a bridge or jump on a ferry with your RV, the possibilities are endless.

Life is far too short to spend your time dreaming about where in the world you will go when you can simply just go there.

Cuts Bills

As a house owner, you will be more than aware of just how many bills you are expected to pay. Every week you need to invest hundreds of dollars in paying your electricity or your gas bills, as well as tax on your home.

When you live in an RV, you simply do not have to pay these high bills. It takes far less electricity to run an RV and most of that is powered by the engine. When it comes to your gas, you can also methane cans to operate your oven and heat your water, which really is not that costly.

You will be paying mainly for the upkeep of the RV and parking costs for when you sleep, which once again is not that pricey. This means that the rest of your money can go towards the experiences that you will have when you travel, such as going to places like Disneyland or trying new cuisine in a new place.

There are two types of people that tend to choose RV travel. The first type is someone that can work on the road and the second type is someone that is retired. If you are someone that is retired, you may notice that a lot of retirement fund is being eaten away by outgoing maintenance bills for a place that you just sleep in.

Why waste your money there, when you could invest it in somewhere fun that allows you to travel and see more of the world?

You Can Try it Out

If you are not fully convinced that RV living is something that you can do, you could always try it out before you make a big commitment. You can rent RVs for a short period of time and that will help you determine whether or not you can do it full time.

There is a program called RVshare that allows you to rent out RVs and take them on small adventures, though there are other ways to rent RVs, this review of the RVshare program makes it clear that RVshare is likely your best option.

If you do decide that RV living isn’t for you, you can just give the RV back and return to your usual way of living. But it is definitely worth just seeing how it goes.

If you do like traveling via RV, but you do not feel as though you can do it full time, why not look into buying an RV anyway. If you think about it, the amount you spend on holidays every year likely topples over thousands of dollars. With one payment for your RV, you will be paying much less than what your holidays would add up to in your lifetime.

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