Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Brilliant or Bogus?

With the popularity of the Harry Potter franchise, it is no wonder that great things were expected of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, as the book came with a link to a sorting hat quiz. However, since its release, there have been many mixed views, not all of them positive. I will be taking a look into why the views are so different. When the news first landed that JK Rowling was overseeing a play that would serve as the official sequel to the Harry Potter series, the overall response was enthusiastic, to say the least. After seven novels and eight big-screen adaptations, fans still were not ready to say goodbye to the Wizarding World and welcomed the prospect of yet another adventure starring the Boy Who Lived. However, when Harry Potter and the Cursed Child finally opened in 2016, many fans’ excitement quickly turned to heartbreak. Despite garnering rave reviews from critics and a breath-taking number of awards, the play – penned by Jack Thorne, from a story by Rowling, and original director John Tiffany – failed to impress a vocal contingent of Harry Potter fans.


The pros

Many fans were happy that there was an add-on to the Harry Potter fandom, even though the last film came out in 2010. It allowed for adult fans to relive their childhood again by being able to read and watch the play the Cursed Child. Many found it to be enchanting, It was dubbed a heart-warming story and reminds people what Harry Potter is all about – friends, family, and a world unified by love. In that regard, Cursed Child is a masterful blending of maturity. Harry is now an adult man; his story arc reflects a more mature, internal challenge—accepting a child, learning to move on from the past, balancing expectations, and unconditional love. But the story is really about Albus Severus, who goes from a first-year to the fourth year, and so his plotline reflects the earlier books in the series: madcap adventures of time travel gone right and gone wrong, and, in classic Harry Potter-style, being tricked by someone who was villainous all along.



There appears to be more to dislike about the Cursed Child than to love. Many fans were left disappointed by the book and there appears to be a lot of change to adapt to. Complaints were particularly prevalent amongst those who only read the published script – those who witnessed the spectacle live on stage were initially content to overlook what quibbles they had. Yet even many fans who were initially swept up by the emotion and ingenious practical effects on display during a live performance of Cursed Child soon joined the chorus of dissatisfied voices online. Objections to the play primarily centered around the mischaracterization of Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Beyond this, many fans charged Thorne, and by extension, Rowling, and Tiffany with crafting a narrative that flat-out did not add-up, both on its own merits and in relation to the wider continuity established in previous installments.

Are Buzzfeed Quizzes Actually Accurate?

Buzzfeed and other popular online quizzes are often well-known for their ridiculous quizzes and even more ridiculous answers. BuzzFeed quizzes such as “What kind of toaster are you?” are making “personality tests” incredibly popular on the internet. However, they do not actually measure your personality. Furthermore, most “personality quizzes” found online do not actually measure personality or anything at all. If they are not backed by psychological research, these tests are generally low quality. Assessments are tools used by psychologists to measure individual differences. “Individual differences” is the study of how individuals differ from one another due to their traits. Examples of traits include height, intelligence, color perception, personality, and fear of clowns. The list is endless. These assessments can provide valuable insights into your personality.


Can they be deemed accurate?

Unlike the vast majority of BuzzFeed quizzes, which have not been scientifically vetted, it is possible to get reliable results with high-quality assessments. A personality test that has been tested for reliability, for example, will give you the same result for your personality no matter what your mood or attitudes are, which may not be true for a quiz that has not been tested.

A good personality test will not suddenly say you are introverted on a morning that you have not been feeling talkative. A bad one will say you are a loner, or jaded, and it will magnify tiny things that are not relevant to your personality. (If you get a different toaster every time, it is not a good test) Reliability (or the consistency of the test) forms the basis for the test’s so-called “validity”. Reliable and valid assessments can form a solid foundation for learning your strengths and weaknesses. They also help you better select a work environment that is well suited for your unique mix of attributes. A stronger match between role and person means both parties are happier, and the employee is more productive. It helps to develop a sense of where you fit into the working world.


Is it wrong to feed into these quizzes?

Although they are not accurate, the quizzes provide some online entertainment for those who are seeking it. It should not be taken seriously, as there is no evidence to support that any of the statements from the quizzes are true. However, this is not to say that it cannot be enjoyed by those online, as long as they are aware that the results are simply based on the random combination of answers that you may have chosen. It can be enjoyable to scroll through the endless quizzes in order to pass time and maybe a form of relaxation for some.

These quizzes are created without credibility and research and are not offering an unbiased look at someone’s personality. Instead, they seem to be pandering to an audience that is searching for answers, unknowingly looking in the wrong place. Due to the fact that anyone can make a quiz, there is little to nothing in place that ensures any sort of accuracy. While this may not be a problem for mindless quizzes, like “Which Character From ‘Pride And Prejudice’ Are You Most Like?” there are quizzes on the site that claim to be legitimate personality assessments. This false and misleading advertising ploy muddles everyone’s understanding of personality in general. When quizzes like this are not vetted or data-backed, people miss out on genuine personality insights that may help them truly grow and learn.

The Mobile Games that are all the Rage in Hollywood

Mobile games have grown in popularity over the last 10 years for a whole variety of reasons. You’ll have noticed more and more games becoming available to play on your phone since the launch and success of angry birds back in 2009. This is partially due to how successful angry birds and the other original mobile games such as doodle jump were, this made game developers realize that there was another platform available for them to sell their games on. Many classic games are making a comeback and being remastered for the mobile phone as many developer companies are dedicating more resources and time towards concentrating on mobile games. The mobile games market is a strong market that is consistently successful for various reasons.

Most people now have mobile phones which makes mobile games easy to access for many people. People who have never considered themselves gamers like your parents have been drawn in by easy addictive games such as candy crush as it’s much easier to download an app on your phone than it is to purchase a console and go out and buy games to play on it. Another factor that adds to the popularity of mobile games is that many mobile games are free to download and can be played for free with the option to make in-game purchases, this is the opposite of buying the newest console and newest games which can be expensive. As mobile games are becoming more popular, we’ve found the games that are all the rage in Hollywood.


AFK Arena

AFK Arena which stands for away from keyboard arena. It is a popular mobile game developed by Lilith Games, the story-line of the game is that there is a demon trying to destroy the world and it is up to your character to stop it. It has many role-playing elements in the game and has become so popular is has taken Hollywood by storm. There are many options for in-game purchases in AFK Arena, you can play without but you can also purchase stargazing cards, faction scrolls, hero coins, and gold, etc to help you progress further in the game quicker. If you don’t want to have to pay for these additional coins and scrolls there are sometimes codes given to you which gift these items for free, you can find some more AFK codes here.


Pokemon Go

Pokemon go is an app-based on the Pokémon anime and games that came out in 2016 but even now is all the rage in Hollywood. It’s one of the most popular mobile games of the last decade as it has over 100 million app installs and still has a highly active userbase. This game also encouraged people to go outside rather than sitting inside all day so it was a favorite among parents which might add to why it’s still so popular today.


Games Made Into Films

Some mobile phone games were so popular and took Hollywood so much by storm that they had Hollywood movies created based on them. This includes games such as angry birds, Shazam, and Candy Crush. Angry Birds the movie made almost $350million dollars when it made its debut in 2016 at the American Box Office.


Classic Games

Classic games have been turned into mobile games available on the app store and this is also all the rage in Hollywood, some of the most famous games that have been recreated include monopoly, Mario kart, and sims.

6 Hollywood Stars that are Surprisingly Religious

You wouldn’t normally associate Hollywood with religion. In fact, some people would say it is quite the opposite. Filled with the glitz and glamour of celebrity life, Hollywood could be seen as a den of sin. Raucous parties, scandalous affairs, and sinful movies being produced almost daily.

But when I was shopping online for the besten geschenke für mädchen zur konfirmation for a niece of mine, I found some lovely, religion-based gifts that were produced by a well-known Hollywood star. This got me thinking about just how many celebrities are actually religious in Hollywood?

So I did some digging and found this list of 7 Hollywood Starts that I did not expect to be religious.


Justin Beiber

The Canadian born singer is one of the most divisive celebrities of our age. It seems it was a crime to be a fan of Justin Beiber if you weren’t a teenage girl. Yet his songs are often filled with positive messages about love. While his more recent work is a bit more scandalous, you might be surprised to know that he is in fact a churchgoer. Having learned the habit from his mother, he sticks to the religious path for her.


Owl City

The one-man dream machine, Adam Young created and runs owl city himself, producing and writing all his own songs and playing every instrument for the tracks. But you might not have known that most of his songs are about God. Adam has a strong sense of faith and has gone on record saying his faith comes before his music. Give some of his stuff a listen and you will soon pick up on the religious symbolism. He has called himself an introvert and keeps his private life quite private, enjoying quiet prayer alone rather than a church.


Post Malone

No one would have guessed that Post Malone is a big believer. Having stated he more follows the philosophies set down by religion, rather than believing in a god. He uses this ethical drive in his work, allowing his emotions and morals to guide the topics of his work. Which is why he has created some of the most moving music in recent years. It resonates with so many for a good reason. But his myriad of face tattoos often throws people off and makes them believe he is as secular as they come.


Kendrick Lamar

A lot of the more religious types like to blast music like that produced by Kendrick Lamar. They claim it is the devil’s music and serves no purpose other than to corrupt the youth of today. But if you listen to Kendrick’s music in particular you will find lots of hidden themes and messages relating to the artist’s personal faith. While he doesn’t subscribe to the more traditional sense of religion, he does follow a few aspects of faiths, using their messages to guide him both personally and professionally as well. He says he inherited this strong sense of faith from his mother.


Chris Hemsworth

The God of Thunder, Chris Hemsworth is a household name these days. His time spent playing the role of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has cemented his place in cinema history forever. But the Australian Actor is also a big faith buff as well as a fitness buff. He attends church with his family every so often when he can fit it into his schedule and is constantly preaching the importance of spiritual exercise alongside your physical exercise. His philosophy is a healthy soul means a healthy body.


Orlando Bloom

The Pirates of the Caribbean star has gone of record discussing his faith in the past. He has claimed to be a big believer in the Buddhist teachings and adheres to the philosophies that come with it. And it can be seen in his demeanor. Always calm and collected. Never angry or bitter. He truly is a celebrity who has found his center and is able to truly be at one with his spirit and his self.

So there you have it. This list just goes to show that, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Faith is universal.

6 Great Tips to Kick-start Your Online Music Career

Any musician knows just how hard it is to gain popularity in a very crowded industry. Every day a new musician picks up an instrument or microphone and sets out with the goal to become a star. It is extremely difficult these days to stand out from the densely populated music scene, however, it has been done and can be continued to be done. Take a look at these 6 great tips, so that you can successfully kick start an online music career.



Arguably one of the most important things that a good musician could have is good branding. Branding includes things such as your stage name and the aesthetic that you choose to run with. If you have a name that isn’t catchy or aesthetics that appeal to the general public, then you may fail before you even get the chance to release some music. So pay attention to what is selling in the industry right now and see how you can emulate this for your own gain.



A lot of artists have their start on Youtube and for good reasons. It is absolutely free to post your content on youtube and you can even make some money if your content starts to get some notice. Youtube is great in the sense that it is not confined to the site and so your content could be shared on multiple platforms. What you may not know is that many artists decide to pay for likes on YouTube as a way to bring a little attention to their channel, this is actually a really good technique because if possible fans see a video with lots of likes, they are more likely to click it.


Social media

It is crucial that you have a social media presence if you want to gain online popularity. Make an account on every social media platform that you can and use these platforms to engage with your fans and let them know what’s going on in your life. If you have a social media presence then any new music that you drop will be more likely to get more attention. You can also use your platform to hype up any work you do before it is released.



One of the best ways that you can gain popularity is by collaborating with someone that already has a following. Doing some producing or vocal work for someone else for free may seem like a waste of your resources, but if they give you a shout out then you are bound to get some new visitors coming to check out your stuff. It is also always useful to have friends in the industry that could help you get involved with some bigger projects.


Music Projects

A lot of times you will be asked to do some free work for smaller projects. Again, you may be skeptical to do work for free, but projects like that are basically free advertising. Work that you do for free may also be recognized by people who can help you advance in the industry, so don’t be so fast to turn it down due to monetary losses.



The most important skill that you could have is staying determined. Increasing your popularity is going to be a long and tiresome process and a lot of the people that don’t succeed in this industry are usually those that expect fast growth and overnight fame. You have to be prepared to settle in for a few years of hard work and staying determined will help you do this.

The Hottest ESports Teams Crushing the Pro Circuit

I have had countless people ask me why are gaming chairs becoming so popular? And I have one answer for them. ESports.

In the last few years, the world of ESports has blown up. And the biggest draw is that anyone could potentially be upon one of those stages. So people are now dedicating themselves to gaming and training to be the best. And to do that they buy the same gaming chairs and equipment being used by their favorite teams. And we are going to look at the hottest teams currently crushing it in the world of ESports.


Seoul Dynasty

One of the hottest teams on the Overwatch circuit, Seoul Dynasty is showing the world that when it comes to gaming, those from Seoul can take down anyone that stands in their way. Fierce, competitive, and incredibly humble, the team is going from strength to strength.



League of Legends was the game to first popularise ESports. And Origen is reminding the world why LoL is such a fantastic sport. Founded by a former member of Fnatic, Origen has one of the strongest roosters of players and is taking the Esport scene by storm.


New York Excelsior

Repping the big NYC, this team is one of the strongest Overwatch teams out there. It isn’t often that an all American team places all too well in tournaments, but New York Excelsior has got the best of the best playing for them. They are currently burning a trail through to the world championships. We wouldn’t be surprised if they were in for a win as well!


Toronto Defiant

Canada is, surprisingly, one of the countries that produce the best gamers in the world. And Toronto Defiant highlights this by constantly crushing it in the Overwatch pro scene. We are expecting big things from them in the coming years.