The Clothes Brands that Offer the Best Deals

As people, we try our best to look our best and impress. It is natural to want to look as good as you can and one of the main ways that you can do this is through the way you dress. The way we dress is an expression of who we are as people and so finding the right outfit is something that we all aim to do, however it can be difficult if you are someone that is on a budget.

Clothing can be extremely expensive, so trying to express yourself through your outfit can be a difficult task. This does not mean that you have to spend your life not dressing how you want to as you can find plenty of deals on clothing, especially if you look for brands at Discover Discounts and similar websites. Here are clothing brands that offer the best deals.

Lazy Oaf

If you are someone that loves cute and comfortable clothing with unique styles, then you are bound to love Lazy Oaf. Lazy Oaf as a brand is not extremely cheap as a lot of their clothing is uniquely made, but the deals that they offer are unbeatable. They do a lot of 3 for 2 deals, which means that even if you pick out some pricey clothing, you will get a quality piece completely free.

Pull and Bear

Pull and Bear is a very popular brand that is well known for how frequently it holds sales. Every week they advertise a brand new sale on some of their hit products. The goal of the brand is to make fashion accessible to the masses and they do this by making sure that they are price inclusive. If you are looking for a deal, check out their website.

The Hottest Photographers working with Top End Models

When the hottest photographers are working with top-end models it puts a huge amount of pressure on both people to make sure the shoot is definitely a success. Photographers have to think about many factors that will affect the outcome of the shoot. The locations are very important to make sure they achieve the right style for the shoot. After location, it’s important to think about what equipment to use based on the lighting as natural light requires the use of different cameras to artificial light.

Picking the correct equipment is also important, an article by Compact Click revealed that compact cameras provide the opportunity to take more pictures and are much easier to transfer for editing after the shoot. Models have to make sure that they look their best before a shoot, they’ll want their skin to look good so will need to ensure they have enough sleep leading up to the shoot and use good skincare products, on top of this they’ll likely have a full body wax and pick out the perfect shoot outfit.


Mario Testino

Mario Testino is an incredibly popular and talented Peruvian photographer; he grew up in Lima surrounded by his Roman Catholic family and studied Economics at ‘La Universidad del Pacifico.’ However, this all changed for him when he moved to London and abandoned his studies of economics. He wanted to be a photographer and moving to London gave him the opportunity to try and achieve his goals.

When he moved to London he worked as a waiter to afford his rent and living expenses and started to pursue his dream career. He dyed his hair pink to try and get noticed and eventually it worked out for him. He is now one of the most famous fashion photographers and has worked with top-end models including models at Chanel, Burberry, and Versace.


Zhang Jingna

Zhang Jingna is a very talented Chinese-Singaporean photographer. She was born in Bejing then moved to Singapore at the age of 8. Her first love was sports, she broke a national record in air rifle only 9 months after moving to Singapore and even went on to achieve a bronze medal in the commonwealth games. When she was eighteen she went to an arts college and it was here she gave up air rifle as she discovered her love for photography. Jingna is now one of the leading women fashion photographers. She has worked with amazing models such as those at Harper’s BAZAAR and Vogue. Jingna is so talented she has achieved so much in the photography field, she was featured on the prestigious list of Forbes 30 under 30 which is a massive achievement, alongside many other awards.


Lara Jade

Lara Jade is a well-known, popular English photographer. She was born in Staffordshire and it was here at the very young age of 14 that she found her passion for photography. She started her career properly when she moved to London, before gaining popularity and moving to the fashion capital of New York. She became noticed worldwide thanks to her unique photography style and was invited to be a guest photographer on Poland’s Next Top Model. She has also worked with Gemma Chan and Zara Larsson.


Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson was always interested in arts, he studied sculpting at university. This background helped him to become a photographer as his knowledge of shapes helps make the models look their best. He is so talented he works with some of the biggest models including Gigi Hadid and Doutzen Kroes.

Why are More Celebs Suddenly Wearing Rubber Bracelets?

People love to keep track of the latest celebrity fashions. We buy fashion magazines, stalk Hollywood gossip blogs, and watch E! to get our latest fix on what celebrities are up to. And we love to copy their fashion habits as well. It seems the moment someone like Orlando Bloom dons a new hat, everyone in my town is also wearing it.

So why is it we are so drawn to whatever it is celebrities are wearing? And why have celebrities started wearing Rubber Bracelets of various colors? And is this going to start a new fashion trend, that might not be as new as we think?



So why do we love to copy celebrities? Well, there are a number of reasons. The first is, of course, status. Our society has placed a significant value on celebrities, assuming they are above us all in social status. This does play on a larger issue of class division. But in terms of fashion, those in the upper echelons of society have always dictated what is fashionable and what isn’t.

So copying the latest fashion dictated by celebrities is a way to feel connected to our favorite stars. It allows us, for a moment, to imagine we are part of that world. And it makes sense. One of the most common dreams people have is to be a famous Hollywood star, attending glamorous red carpet events and being the talk of the town.


The Rubber Bracelets

So why is the latest trend rubber bracelets? And is it actually a new trend?

The truth is, it isn’t. You might remember some time ago, in the early 2000s, that these rubber bracelets were all the rage. You couldn’t visit a single shop without them being on display by the till. But what was the purpose of these wristbands?

They were actually for charity purposes. Many different charities produced these branded silicone wrist bands. The idea was two-fold. The profits for their sales would go directly to the charity to help those less fortunate. And the bands themselves would raise awareness as people wore them, essentially providing free advertising.

They blew up when they first arrived on the scene. People were competing to see who could buy and flaunt the most wristbands. And while their motivations for buying them may not have been pure, the money still went to a good cause no matter what.



So why have these rubber bands suddenly reappeared now. And why is it Hollywood celebrities that are leading the charge on this?

Times are tough. No one can deny that. And the world is seemingly getting worse by the day. And those who were suffering before and now harder hit by the effects of poverty and political turmoil. And because of that, it seems charity organizations are doubling their efforts to raise awareness and funds.

And celebrities are some of the most charitable people on the planet. While you could argue they only donate as a PR stunt, you can’t deny the good their donations do. And they are experts are raising awareness and getting the public involved.

So it makes sense they would be the first to adopt the rubber wristband trend again. It is twofold. They are giving money to charity and using their significant influence in the world of fashion to get the general public back on board. And already we have seen the effects of this awareness campaign. Oxfam has reported that, since the rubber wristbands made a resurgence, charitable donations have increased by ten percent. Which is a fantastic start to what we hope is a new wave of charity.