The Clothes Brands that Offer the Best Deals

As people, we try our best to look our best and impress. It is natural to want to look as good as you can and one of the main ways that you can do this is through the way you dress. The way we dress is an expression of who we are as people and so finding the right outfit is something that we all aim to do, however it can be difficult if you are someone that is on a budget.

Clothing can be extremely expensive, so trying to express yourself through your outfit can be a difficult task. This does not mean that you have to spend your life not dressing how you want to as you can find plenty of deals on clothing, especially if you look for brands at Discover Discounts and similar websites. Here are clothing brands that offer the best deals.

Lazy Oaf

If you are someone that loves cute and comfortable clothing with unique styles, then you are bound to love Lazy Oaf. Lazy Oaf as a brand is not extremely cheap as a lot of their clothing is uniquely made, but the deals that they offer are unbeatable. They do a lot of 3 for 2 deals, which means that even if you pick out some pricey clothing, you will get a quality piece completely free.

Pull and Bear

Pull and Bear is a very popular brand that is well known for how frequently it holds sales. Every week they advertise a brand new sale on some of their hit products. The goal of the brand is to make fashion accessible to the masses and they do this by making sure that they are price inclusive. If you are looking for a deal, check out their website.

5 Of the Craziest Online Quizzes we have Ever Taken

Star Wars Character Quiz

When taking online quizzes you can easily get lost in the huge selection that is available to take, for fans of Star Wars you will be glad to know that you can very quickly find a quiz where your characteristics and emotions are taken into consideration to help you discover which character you would be if you were a part of the franchise. Whether you are a loyal Jedi or you are more likely to turn to the dark side this quiz is great fun for all of the family.


Disney Princess Quiz

The Disney Princess quiz may seem tempting for small children and little girls who fantasize about becoming a princess, but I must admit that as an adult there is a certain intrigue behind finding out which of the famed Disney princesses you are most like in your real life. Using questions on your personality or your favorite animal to judge the result, this quiz seems to be very accurate in providing a clear response and letting us all know if we have what it takes to become Disney royalty.


Harry Potter House

Fans of Harry Potter will tell you just how important it is to know which Hogwarts house you are a part of, this quiz goes further than just being a simple bit of fun with the results being taken very seriously by those who take the quiz. The Hogwarts houses are all linked to certain character traits and everyone wants to avoid being stuck in the most mischievous and sinister house of Slytherin, based upon your answers the quiz will be able to tell you who your peers would be if you were to visit the magical school which many of us link to our favorite movie and book characters.


Friends Character Quiz

Long-lasting sitcom Friends just released their reunion, which is definitely worth a watch however, if you are still looking for your next fix of Friends entertainment why not try the online quiz which will tell you which Friends character you are most like in real life. Whether you are kooky like Phoebe, organized like Monica, or fashionable like Rachel you can find out once and for all by taking this quick quiz. This online quiz is a lot of fun and if you and your friends love the show like I do it is one that you won’t want to miss.


Love Language

Every relationship is different and everyone has different things that they love within their relationship with their loved one. Taking the love language quiz is a great way to find out what you enjoy most in the relationship and how you like to convey your affection for another person. The love language quiz will put it into very simple terms for you and your partner so you can clearly see how you both work on the relationship. Each result is personal and you may be very interested in what you find out about yourself and your partner.

The Mobile Games that are all the Rage in Hollywood

Mobile games have grown in popularity over the last 10 years for a whole variety of reasons. You’ll have noticed more and more games becoming available to play on your phone since the launch and success of angry birds back in 2009. This is partially due to how successful angry birds and the other original mobile games such as doodle jump were, this made game developers realize that there was another platform available for them to sell their games on. Many classic games are making a comeback and being remastered for the mobile phone as many developer companies are dedicating more resources and time towards concentrating on mobile games. The mobile games market is a strong market that is consistently successful for various reasons.

Most people now have mobile phones which makes mobile games easy to access for many people. People who have never considered themselves gamers like your parents have been drawn in by easy addictive games such as candy crush as it’s much easier to download an app on your phone than it is to purchase a console and go out and buy games to play on it. Another factor that adds to the popularity of mobile games is that many mobile games are free to download and can be played for free with the option to make in-game purchases, this is the opposite of buying the newest console and newest games which can be expensive. As mobile games are becoming more popular, we’ve found the games that are all the rage in Hollywood.


AFK Arena

AFK Arena which stands for away from keyboard arena. It is a popular mobile game developed by Lilith Games, the story-line of the game is that there is a demon trying to destroy the world and it is up to your character to stop it. It has many role-playing elements in the game and has become so popular is has taken Hollywood by storm. There are many options for in-game purchases in AFK Arena, you can play without but you can also purchase stargazing cards, faction scrolls, hero coins, and gold, etc to help you progress further in the game quicker. If you don’t want to have to pay for these additional coins and scrolls there are sometimes codes given to you which gift these items for free, you can find some more AFK codes here.


Pokemon Go

Pokemon go is an app-based on the Pokémon anime and games that came out in 2016 but even now is all the rage in Hollywood. It’s one of the most popular mobile games of the last decade as it has over 100 million app installs and still has a highly active userbase. This game also encouraged people to go outside rather than sitting inside all day so it was a favorite among parents which might add to why it’s still so popular today.


Games Made Into Films

Some mobile phone games were so popular and took Hollywood so much by storm that they had Hollywood movies created based on them. This includes games such as angry birds, Shazam, and Candy Crush. Angry Birds the movie made almost $350million dollars when it made its debut in 2016 at the American Box Office.


Classic Games

Classic games have been turned into mobile games available on the app store and this is also all the rage in Hollywood, some of the most famous games that have been recreated include monopoly, Mario kart, and sims.

The Hottest Photographers working with Top End Models

When the hottest photographers are working with top-end models it puts a huge amount of pressure on both people to make sure the shoot is definitely a success. Photographers have to think about many factors that will affect the outcome of the shoot. The locations are very important to make sure they achieve the right style for the shoot. After location, it’s important to think about what equipment to use based on the lighting as natural light requires the use of different cameras to artificial light.

Picking the correct equipment is also important, an article by Compact Click revealed that compact cameras provide the opportunity to take more pictures and are much easier to transfer for editing after the shoot. Models have to make sure that they look their best before a shoot, they’ll want their skin to look good so will need to ensure they have enough sleep leading up to the shoot and use good skincare products, on top of this they’ll likely have a full body wax and pick out the perfect shoot outfit.


Mario Testino

Mario Testino is an incredibly popular and talented Peruvian photographer; he grew up in Lima surrounded by his Roman Catholic family and studied Economics at ‘La Universidad del Pacifico.’ However, this all changed for him when he moved to London and abandoned his studies of economics. He wanted to be a photographer and moving to London gave him the opportunity to try and achieve his goals.

When he moved to London he worked as a waiter to afford his rent and living expenses and started to pursue his dream career. He dyed his hair pink to try and get noticed and eventually it worked out for him. He is now one of the most famous fashion photographers and has worked with top-end models including models at Chanel, Burberry, and Versace.


Zhang Jingna

Zhang Jingna is a very talented Chinese-Singaporean photographer. She was born in Bejing then moved to Singapore at the age of 8. Her first love was sports, she broke a national record in air rifle only 9 months after moving to Singapore and even went on to achieve a bronze medal in the commonwealth games. When she was eighteen she went to an arts college and it was here she gave up air rifle as she discovered her love for photography. Jingna is now one of the leading women fashion photographers. She has worked with amazing models such as those at Harper’s BAZAAR and Vogue. Jingna is so talented she has achieved so much in the photography field, she was featured on the prestigious list of Forbes 30 under 30 which is a massive achievement, alongside many other awards.


Lara Jade

Lara Jade is a well-known, popular English photographer. She was born in Staffordshire and it was here at the very young age of 14 that she found her passion for photography. She started her career properly when she moved to London, before gaining popularity and moving to the fashion capital of New York. She became noticed worldwide thanks to her unique photography style and was invited to be a guest photographer on Poland’s Next Top Model. She has also worked with Gemma Chan and Zara Larsson.


Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson was always interested in arts, he studied sculpting at university. This background helped him to become a photographer as his knowledge of shapes helps make the models look their best. He is so talented he works with some of the biggest models including Gigi Hadid and Doutzen Kroes.

The 4 Best Aquariums To Visit While In America

There are so many attractions to choose to visit while you’re in America, but one of the most popular ways to spend a day, among residents and tourists alike is a day out at one of the many amazing aquariums in America. They’re great to take children to and help broaden their knowledge in a fun way, it’s a lovely way to spend the day as a family. Aquariums are also a great place for a date with your partner or a fun day with your friends. Whatever your reason for going to an aquarium will always be great fun. After such a magical day creating great new memories, you’ll want one of your own beautiful bow front aquariums to remember the day. There are so many fantastic aquariums in America so to help you decide we’ve found the best 4 for you.


Tampa, Florida

The Florida Aquarium is one of the biggest aquariums in the US at 250,000 square feet. Adult tickets cost $23.95 if you buy them on the day or are a few dollars cheaper if you book in advance. The Florida aquarium offers many experiences to make your day extra fun including hopping onboard the Bay Spirit II for an exciting 75-minute wild dolphin tour and to see all the other Tampa Bay wildlife. If you don’t like boats there’s also the opportunity for a 20-minute VIP session to meet the penguins or an outdoor water play area, they offer something to suit every need.


Georgia, Atlanta

The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in America and one of the best. They recently opened a ’Predators of the Deep’ gallery which is home to whale sharks. It is an amazing experience to see a whale shark so close up but if you’re feeling really adventurous you can even book a diving or swimming session. Whilst the whale sharks have become the main attraction, they have 234 other animals to see including mantra rays, Californian sea lions, and American alligators.


Newport, Kentucky

The Newport Aquarium is home to 70 thrilling exhibits and 14 exciting galleries. They have an exhibit that is new this year the ‘Shipwreck Realms of the Eels’. They also have many different fun activities including the very first shark bridge for the bravest people out there, if you want to do something a bit more relaxed there is also the opportunity to touch many creatures like sea stars and horseshoe crabs. If you purchase a ticket online it’s $26 and allows you to skip the line on the day.


Boston, Massachusetts

The New England Aquarium is one of the oldest in America has been open for a massive five decades. The most popular exhibit they have is the ‘Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Exhibition’ which is home to some of the most vibrant fish and helps you develop an understanding of how important coral reef is in the lives of tropical fish. Since the pandemic, they started to offer virtual animal meetings for anyone who couldn’t make it to the site.

4 Celebs That Used Extreme Exercises to Get Fit for a Role

Hollywood movies often present us with very unrealistic beauty standards. Women who are rake thin and caked in glamorous makeup, even though they supposedly just woke up. Men whose muscles are literally bursting out of their tight-fitting white t-shirt.

Lately, people have become a lot more socially aware. And with that new awareness, we have also started to realize just how unhealthy these standards set by the movies really are. Actresses literally starve themselves to make sure they get the role. Actors dehydrate themselves for days on end to make sure their muscles are showing and try to reduce their body fat content as much as possible.

So today we are going to be looking at 4 Clebeirtes that underwent some extreme exercise and diet regimes to get themselves fit for a role. And not always for the better.


Chris Hemsworth

We are going to start with a more upbeat story. Chris Hemsworth, the God of Thunder, is known for his stellar body. He is jacked. But it didn’t happen overnight. Far from it. Chris needed to find out how to get a toned stomach and there was only one man for the job.

Chris works with his personal trainer, and longtime friends, Luke Zocchi. Luke is one of the foremost personal trainers in Hollywood, having trained some of the biggest stars for the most amazing roles in cinema history. And Thor is just another name in his repertoire.

Chris takes on some seriously intense exercises. This includes carrying heavy medicine balls as he jumps through literal truck tires. He plays basketball with medicine balls. And adheres to a strict cardio routine that would leave anyone else dead in their tracks.

According to Luke, Chris usually has to put on 20 pounds of pure muscle for the role of Thor. And muscle isn’t permanent. So Christ has to redo his training every time he reprises the role. This is no small feat and shows just how dedicated Chris is to the role.


Christan Bale

Christian Bale went in the opposite direction. In the film ‘The Machinist’ Bale played a character who was malnourished and tragically underweight. And to make it authentic, Bale had to lose all the weight until he was almost skeletal. This is one of the more dangerous transformations a Hollywood star has undergone.

According to reports, Bale’s diet consisted of a cup of coffee and an apple a day. Every other meal or snack was replaced with water. It didn’t take long for him to literally shred off the weight. He has since said it was a horrible experience physically, but mentally it was quite enlightening.

What he did after was just as impressive. He managed to put on 100 pounds in six months so he could play the role he is best known for. Batman.


Chadwick Boseman

This year we lost a true star in the form of Chadwick Boseman. He sadly succumbed to cancer and left us to move onto the Wakandan afterlife. And he will forever remain in our hearts.

And his dedication to the role of black panther can be seen in his preparation for the role. Unlike other MCU alumni, Boseman needed to achieve a more lean and athletic build, while still showing off some serious muscle. So his exercise regime focused on some extreme cardio workouts mixed with a diet of lean proteins and a lot of fish.

He also received a lot of bruises as he threw himself into three different martial arts courses to make sure he really now the fighting styles his character would be using, along with also giving him a serious workout.


Natalie Portman

Blackswan follows a ballerina as she slowly spirals into the darkness of her own mind. And for this role, Natalie Portman had to undergo a serious transformation.

Ballerinas already have one of the strictest diet and exercise routines of any athlete on the planet. They need to stay nimble, flexible, and light-weight at all times. This meant Natalie had to drop twenty pounds. This was while also going through ballet lessons and flexibility classes to make sure she was truly ready for the role.


Why are More Celebs Suddenly Wearing Rubber Bracelets?

People love to keep track of the latest celebrity fashions. We buy fashion magazines, stalk Hollywood gossip blogs, and watch E! to get our latest fix on what celebrities are up to. And we love to copy their fashion habits as well. It seems the moment someone like Orlando Bloom dons a new hat, everyone in my town is also wearing it.

So why is it we are so drawn to whatever it is celebrities are wearing? And why have celebrities started wearing Rubber Bracelets of various colors? And is this going to start a new fashion trend, that might not be as new as we think?



So why do we love to copy celebrities? Well, there are a number of reasons. The first is, of course, status. Our society has placed a significant value on celebrities, assuming they are above us all in social status. This does play on a larger issue of class division. But in terms of fashion, those in the upper echelons of society have always dictated what is fashionable and what isn’t.

So copying the latest fashion dictated by celebrities is a way to feel connected to our favorite stars. It allows us, for a moment, to imagine we are part of that world. And it makes sense. One of the most common dreams people have is to be a famous Hollywood star, attending glamorous red carpet events and being the talk of the town.


The Rubber Bracelets

So why is the latest trend rubber bracelets? And is it actually a new trend?

The truth is, it isn’t. You might remember some time ago, in the early 2000s, that these rubber bracelets were all the rage. You couldn’t visit a single shop without them being on display by the till. But what was the purpose of these wristbands?

They were actually for charity purposes. Many different charities produced these branded silicone wrist bands. The idea was two-fold. The profits for their sales would go directly to the charity to help those less fortunate. And the bands themselves would raise awareness as people wore them, essentially providing free advertising.

They blew up when they first arrived on the scene. People were competing to see who could buy and flaunt the most wristbands. And while their motivations for buying them may not have been pure, the money still went to a good cause no matter what.



So why have these rubber bands suddenly reappeared now. And why is it Hollywood celebrities that are leading the charge on this?

Times are tough. No one can deny that. And the world is seemingly getting worse by the day. And those who were suffering before and now harder hit by the effects of poverty and political turmoil. And because of that, it seems charity organizations are doubling their efforts to raise awareness and funds.

And celebrities are some of the most charitable people on the planet. While you could argue they only donate as a PR stunt, you can’t deny the good their donations do. And they are experts are raising awareness and getting the public involved.

So it makes sense they would be the first to adopt the rubber wristband trend again. It is twofold. They are giving money to charity and using their significant influence in the world of fashion to get the general public back on board. And already we have seen the effects of this awareness campaign. Oxfam has reported that, since the rubber wristbands made a resurgence, charitable donations have increased by ten percent. Which is a fantastic start to what we hope is a new wave of charity.

The Hottest Celebrity Restaurants To Eat at in Hollywood!

Hollywood is the land of the stars. Big-name celebrities roaming the streets. Constant movie premiers and fashion shows. Underground clubs filled with the biggest names around. It’s no wonder people are so drawn to this city and all its wonders.

But Hollywood isn’t just famous for its people. It also contains some of the best shops, and more importantly some of the best restaurants on the planet. And why are they the best? Because they are owned by some of the hottest celebrities anywhere. But the one downside to this is that Hollywood has a saturation of celebrity restaurants. And not all of them are fantastic if truth be told.

It’s easy for a celebrity to simply phone it in when it comes to their restaurant quality and assume they will succeed because of who they are. So, to help you avoid the trash, we did the research and found the hottest celebrity restaurants you need to eat when you are next in Hollywood!


Au Fudge

Jessica Biel might not be the first name you would associate with food and restaurants. But Au Fudge is one of the highest-rated family-style restaurants in Hollywood. Located in west-Hollywood, away from the louder and more adult-focused areas, Au Fudge has one of the most friendly and inviting atmospheres of any family restaurant ever. It has a fully stocked play-area, that is supervised as well. Both outside and indoor seating.

The menu at Au Fudge is simple, but it is in this simplicity that you find some of the most fantastic flavors and twists on old classics. There is something for everyone and the chefs are happy to accommodate even the fussiest eaters. And you might see a lot of celebrity families eating out here too.



Ryan Gosling made us fall in love while watching La La Land. And then he made us do it all over again when we ate at Tagine. Ryan is well-traveled, and one of his favorite places to visit in Morocco. He has stated he loves it because of the rich food culture. And he has tried to capture that in Tagine. With old-style decorations and authentic, flavourful food, Tagine truly is one of Hollywood’s best secrets.

We got a chance to walk around the kitchen as well. For any cooking buffs, you will be happy to know that the kitchen is equipped with the best counter depth refrigerator available in 2020 and the finest range of accessories. Anything you can imagine, the kitchen has.



Robert De Niro is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. Known for his roles as a rough, tough detective or a mob boss. But you might not know he is the co-owner of one of the most successful restaurant chains on the planet. Nobu is a common name in many American states.

The gimmick of Nobu is the different rooms. Each one set up to match and a certain atmosphere. Calm and relaxed. Mysterious and elegant. Casual dining Whatever mood you are in, Nobu can often accommodate.

And the food is to die for. The menu is made up of tapas-style dishes that encourage a sharing style of eating. It creates a great atmosphere amongst the table and is also some of the nicest food I have personally ever eaten. And for star hunters, Nobu restaurants are known for being celebrity hangouts. So if you want to spot a famous face or two, you need to take a trip down to your local Nobu.

6 Hollywood Stars that are Surprisingly Religious

You wouldn’t normally associate Hollywood with religion. In fact, some people would say it is quite the opposite. Filled with the glitz and glamour of celebrity life, Hollywood could be seen as a den of sin. Raucous parties, scandalous affairs, and sinful movies being produced almost daily.

But when I was shopping online for the besten geschenke für mädchen zur konfirmation for a niece of mine, I found some lovely, religion-based gifts that were produced by a well-known Hollywood star. This got me thinking about just how many celebrities are actually religious in Hollywood?

So I did some digging and found this list of 7 Hollywood Starts that I did not expect to be religious.


Justin Beiber

The Canadian born singer is one of the most divisive celebrities of our age. It seems it was a crime to be a fan of Justin Beiber if you weren’t a teenage girl. Yet his songs are often filled with positive messages about love. While his more recent work is a bit more scandalous, you might be surprised to know that he is in fact a churchgoer. Having learned the habit from his mother, he sticks to the religious path for her.


Owl City

The one-man dream machine, Adam Young created and runs owl city himself, producing and writing all his own songs and playing every instrument for the tracks. But you might not have known that most of his songs are about God. Adam has a strong sense of faith and has gone on record saying his faith comes before his music. Give some of his stuff a listen and you will soon pick up on the religious symbolism. He has called himself an introvert and keeps his private life quite private, enjoying quiet prayer alone rather than a church.


Post Malone

No one would have guessed that Post Malone is a big believer. Having stated he more follows the philosophies set down by religion, rather than believing in a god. He uses this ethical drive in his work, allowing his emotions and morals to guide the topics of his work. Which is why he has created some of the most moving music in recent years. It resonates with so many for a good reason. But his myriad of face tattoos often throws people off and makes them believe he is as secular as they come.


Kendrick Lamar

A lot of the more religious types like to blast music like that produced by Kendrick Lamar. They claim it is the devil’s music and serves no purpose other than to corrupt the youth of today. But if you listen to Kendrick’s music in particular you will find lots of hidden themes and messages relating to the artist’s personal faith. While he doesn’t subscribe to the more traditional sense of religion, he does follow a few aspects of faiths, using their messages to guide him both personally and professionally as well. He says he inherited this strong sense of faith from his mother.


Chris Hemsworth

The God of Thunder, Chris Hemsworth is a household name these days. His time spent playing the role of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has cemented his place in cinema history forever. But the Australian Actor is also a big faith buff as well as a fitness buff. He attends church with his family every so often when he can fit it into his schedule and is constantly preaching the importance of spiritual exercise alongside your physical exercise. His philosophy is a healthy soul means a healthy body.


Orlando Bloom

The Pirates of the Caribbean star has gone of record discussing his faith in the past. He has claimed to be a big believer in the Buddhist teachings and adheres to the philosophies that come with it. And it can be seen in his demeanor. Always calm and collected. Never angry or bitter. He truly is a celebrity who has found his center and is able to truly be at one with his spirit and his self.

So there you have it. This list just goes to show that, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Faith is universal.

6 Great Tips to Kick-start Your Online Music Career

Any musician knows just how hard it is to gain popularity in a very crowded industry. Every day a new musician picks up an instrument or microphone and sets out with the goal to become a star. It is extremely difficult these days to stand out from the densely populated music scene, however, it has been done and can be continued to be done. Take a look at these 6 great tips, so that you can successfully kick start an online music career.



Arguably one of the most important things that a good musician could have is good branding. Branding includes things such as your stage name and the aesthetic that you choose to run with. If you have a name that isn’t catchy or aesthetics that appeal to the general public, then you may fail before you even get the chance to release some music. So pay attention to what is selling in the industry right now and see how you can emulate this for your own gain.



A lot of artists have their start on Youtube and for good reasons. It is absolutely free to post your content on youtube and you can even make some money if your content starts to get some notice. Youtube is great in the sense that it is not confined to the site and so your content could be shared on multiple platforms. What you may not know is that many artists decide to pay for likes on YouTube as a way to bring a little attention to their channel, this is actually a really good technique because if possible fans see a video with lots of likes, they are more likely to click it.


Social media

It is crucial that you have a social media presence if you want to gain online popularity. Make an account on every social media platform that you can and use these platforms to engage with your fans and let them know what’s going on in your life. If you have a social media presence then any new music that you drop will be more likely to get more attention. You can also use your platform to hype up any work you do before it is released.



One of the best ways that you can gain popularity is by collaborating with someone that already has a following. Doing some producing or vocal work for someone else for free may seem like a waste of your resources, but if they give you a shout out then you are bound to get some new visitors coming to check out your stuff. It is also always useful to have friends in the industry that could help you get involved with some bigger projects.


Music Projects

A lot of times you will be asked to do some free work for smaller projects. Again, you may be skeptical to do work for free, but projects like that are basically free advertising. Work that you do for free may also be recognized by people who can help you advance in the industry, so don’t be so fast to turn it down due to monetary losses.



The most important skill that you could have is staying determined. Increasing your popularity is going to be a long and tiresome process and a lot of the people that don’t succeed in this industry are usually those that expect fast growth and overnight fame. You have to be prepared to settle in for a few years of hard work and staying determined will help you do this.