Are Buzzfeed Quizzes Actually Accurate?

Buzzfeed and other popular online quizzes are often well-known for their ridiculous quizzes and even more ridiculous answers. BuzzFeed quizzes such as “What kind of toaster are you?” are making “personality tests” incredibly popular on the internet. However, they do not actually measure your personality. Furthermore, most “personality quizzes” found online do not actually measure personality or anything at all. If they are not backed by psychological research, these tests are generally low quality. Assessments are tools used by psychologists to measure individual differences. “Individual differences” is the study of how individuals differ from one another due to their traits. Examples of traits include height, intelligence, color perception, personality, and fear of clowns. The list is endless. These assessments can provide valuable insights into your personality.


Can they be deemed accurate?

Unlike the vast majority of BuzzFeed quizzes, which have not been scientifically vetted, it is possible to get reliable results with high-quality assessments. A personality test that has been tested for reliability, for example, will give you the same result for your personality no matter what your mood or attitudes are, which may not be true for a quiz that has not been tested.

A good personality test will not suddenly say you are introverted on a morning that you have not been feeling talkative. A bad one will say you are a loner, or jaded, and it will magnify tiny things that are not relevant to your personality. (If you get a different toaster every time, it is not a good test) Reliability (or the consistency of the test) forms the basis for the test’s so-called “validity”. Reliable and valid assessments can form a solid foundation for learning your strengths and weaknesses. They also help you better select a work environment that is well suited for your unique mix of attributes. A stronger match between role and person means both parties are happier, and the employee is more productive. It helps to develop a sense of where you fit into the working world.


Is it wrong to feed into these quizzes?

Although they are not accurate, the quizzes provide some online entertainment for those who are seeking it. It should not be taken seriously, as there is no evidence to support that any of the statements from the quizzes are true. However, this is not to say that it cannot be enjoyed by those online, as long as they are aware that the results are simply based on the random combination of answers that you may have chosen. It can be enjoyable to scroll through the endless quizzes in order to pass time and maybe a form of relaxation for some.

These quizzes are created without credibility and research and are not offering an unbiased look at someone’s personality. Instead, they seem to be pandering to an audience that is searching for answers, unknowingly looking in the wrong place. Due to the fact that anyone can make a quiz, there is little to nothing in place that ensures any sort of accuracy. While this may not be a problem for mindless quizzes, like “Which Character From ‘Pride And Prejudice’ Are You Most Like?” there are quizzes on the site that claim to be legitimate personality assessments. This false and misleading advertising ploy muddles everyone’s understanding of personality in general. When quizzes like this are not vetted or data-backed, people miss out on genuine personality insights that may help them truly grow and learn.

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