5 Of the Craziest Online Quizzes we have Ever Taken

Star Wars Character Quiz

When taking online quizzes you can easily get lost in the huge selection that is available to take, for fans of Star Wars you will be glad to know that you can very quickly find a quiz where your characteristics and emotions are taken into consideration to help you discover which character you would be if you were a part of the franchise. Whether you are a loyal Jedi or you are more likely to turn to the dark side this quiz is great fun for all of the family.


Disney Princess Quiz

The Disney Princess quiz may seem tempting for small children and little girls who fantasize about becoming a princess, but I must admit that as an adult there is a certain intrigue behind finding out which of the famed Disney princesses you are most like in your real life. Using questions on your personality or your favorite animal to judge the result, this quiz seems to be very accurate in providing a clear response and letting us all know if we have what it takes to become Disney royalty.


Harry Potter House

Fans of Harry Potter will tell you just how important it is to know which Hogwarts house you are a part of, this quiz goes further than just being a simple bit of fun with the results being taken very seriously by those who take the quiz. The Hogwarts houses are all linked to certain character traits and everyone wants to avoid being stuck in the most mischievous and sinister house of Slytherin, based upon your answers the quiz will be able to tell you who your peers would be if you were to visit the magical school which many of us link to our favorite movie and book characters.


Friends Character Quiz

Long-lasting sitcom Friends just released their reunion, which is definitely worth a watch however, if you are still looking for your next fix of Friends entertainment why not try the online quiz which will tell you which Friends character you are most like in real life. Whether you are kooky like Phoebe, organized like Monica, or fashionable like Rachel you can find out once and for all by taking this quick quiz. This online quiz is a lot of fun and if you and your friends love the show like I do it is one that you won’t want to miss.


Love Language

Every relationship is different and everyone has different things that they love within their relationship with their loved one. Taking the love language quiz is a great way to find out what you enjoy most in the relationship and how you like to convey your affection for another person. The love language quiz will put it into very simple terms for you and your partner so you can clearly see how you both work on the relationship. Each result is personal and you may be very interested in what you find out about yourself and your partner.

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