5 Fun Instagram Filters That You Have to Try

5 Fun Instagram Filters That You Have to Try

Instagram has a lot of fantastic features that have skyrocketed it to one of the most used social media platforms in the world. You can share videos, interact with friends and post stories. Something that has been introduced in the last couple of years is Instagram filters. These filters add a bit of excitement to the pictures and stories that you post and there are thousands to choose from. A lot of companies have seen just how popular Instagram filters are and so have decided to make some for themselves. We absolutely adore Instagram filters and we have scoured through Instragam to find some of our favorites. Here are 5 fun Instagram filters that you have to try.

  • What’s in Your DNA Filter

One of the most popular filters on the site is the ‘what’s in your DNA filter’. This filter lures users in with the promise of discovering their ancestral DNA. Instead, when the user puts the filter on, they are quickly transformed into a random animal. This filter is extremely funny and if you are looking for an easy way to prank your friend, then all that you need to do is send them that filter. You may be aware of this filter from a viral video of an older woman trying the DNA filter for herself and if you are not, we strongly recommend that you look it up.

  • The Disney Filter

If you are a Disney fanatic, then you are bound to love this filter. This filter tells you which Disney character you would be and transforms you into this character. This is a great filter for those of you out there that have a love of Disney and the Instagram Disney Filter is not the only filter that allows you to live your Disney fantasies, as there are thousands to choose from on the site.

  • The Beach Filter

If you are someone that spends a lot of time at home and your friends and family like to make a joke of it, why not get back at them by sending them some pictures of yourself with the beach filter? This filter makes it look as though you are on an exotic beach having the time of your life, even when you are really just lying in bed. This filter is a lot of fun and got plenty of use during the national lockdown.

  • Draw in 5

If you like an interactive filter, then you are going to love Draw in 5. This filter requires you to draw a picture using your nose in less than five seconds. The app will tell you exactly what to draw and then you can post the results on your social media for your friends to judge. What makes this filter so fun is how much it just doesn’t work. The pen does not move properly with your nose and you usually end up with a lot of random lines and dots, which only adds to the challenge of creating a masterpiece.

  • The Sound Game

This is a filter you may recognise. With this filter, an arrangement of random images will pop up on your screen and you have to try to sound out these images to work out what the secret word is. You only get ten seconds to do this and so it is a race against the clock to try and figure it out. The result is usually something that you would not have predicted and it is a great filter to challenge your friends to use. Why not see how well you can do?

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